Strength – constructed with reinforced steel frames and corrugated steel skins, containers are designed to be stacked up to 8 layers high. Even after a hard early life of use and abuse on cargo ships, containers are still the strongest structural building material available today

Disaster Resistant – Container houses are fire-resistant, withstand tornados and hurricanes better than traditional construction, and are able to bear heavy lateral pressure, making them particularly resistant to seismic damage

Environmentally sustainable – ShelterKraft is taking containers at the end of their shipping career and giving them a whole new life as cozy cottages, houses and structures. There are many ways we incorporate green building elements

Small Spaces in Grand PlacesSmall Spaces in Grand Places

Durability – Built of a rust-resistant alloy, containers have a virtually indefinite lifespan. They are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and wear and tear, keeping their contents safe and dry inside, unlike wood houses that can rot, burn, leak or need a new roof every 10- 15 years

Flexibility - like giant Lego® blocks, containers can be configured in multiple shapes, stacked, cantilevered, or even stood up on end

Mobility – a massive global infrastructure already exists to move containers via ship, rail, and truck to almost every corner of the globe. So we can certainly deliver one to you, wherever you may be