Green Building

Cargo Containers & Corten Steel

Cargo containers are made from a unique steel alloy known as COR-TEN (or corten), also known as “weathering steel.” Because of its chemical composition, corten, when exposed to the elements, will develop a thin layer of surface rust, which will then become a permanent patina, arresting any further corrosion of the metal. This makes containers particularly durable in all types of environmental conditions.

However, the alloy composition of the metal also makes it difficult and expensive to melt down for recycling purposes, part of the reason so many used containers are simply abandoned in storage lots. A typical container comprises approximately 8,000 pounds of steel. Using containers to build long-lasting houses reduces industrial waste around the globe.

Constructing houses out of surplus shipping containers presents an environmentally friendly building option:

Reduce – Reducing the use of lumber and other new materials in the building process by relying on the existing steel frame and skins of the container for the building structure

Reuse – Every container we turn into a living or work space is another container put to productive use after its shipping life is over

Green BuildingAdditionally, all ShelterKraft products incorporate many features that carry eco-friendly benefits even further: