Cold Storage

The ShelterKraft KoolBox™ provides a cost-effective cold storage solution for small and mid-size farms, food producers, restaurants, florists, and any commercial or industrial operation that needs to keep products or materials at a steady cold temperature.

Built from a refurbished insulated shipping container (“reefer”) with a specially engineered cooling system, the KoolBox offers plug-and-play, energy-efficient operation with minimal effort. The KoolBox has an 8′ by 20′ footprint, and can be transported on standard flatbed/semi trucks to the location of your choice.

Just drop the KoolBox on a gravel bed or concrete pad, plug into standard electrical hookups (standard residential/commercial 220-volt), and you’ll have 1100 cubic feet of storage chilled to 35° – 60° degrees – using half the power of a residential clothes dryer.

At $14,950 for ~1,100 cubic feet of walk-in cold storage space, the KoolBox is an affordable cooling solution to meet agricultural, fishing, restaurant/bar, medical, commercial, or industrial needs. We are also working on offering Koolboxes for lease to meet short-term cold storage needs – if you are interested in leasing, please contact us.

An off-the-grid (solar powered) model is currently under development.
Koolbox Design

Options available with the Koolbox include:

All of ShelterKraft’s designs integrate green building and sustainable engineering technologies.

KoolBox Gallery

A KoolBox installed at a farmer’s market and CSA customer in Seattle:

Koolbox exterior

koolbox exterior