Fast-Track Construction of Multi-Unit Residential/Mixed Use Buildings

ShelterKraft’s innovative, modular fabrication methods allow us to build large-scale projects in a highly efficient “fast-track” approach. For multi-story apartment, office, or mixed residential/retail development projects, we offer an innovative, cost-effective solution that can be used in virtually any region of the world.

We set up a local fabrication facility using our own modular, scalable ShopWerks™ design. Individual container modules are prepped and built-out at the facility, then stockpiled. Meanwhile, site preparation (foundations, utility systems, roads, etc.) can be developed simultaneously with the fabrication of the container modules.

This approach dramatically speeds up the timeline for a construction project — as soon as the site is ready, the building can be quickly assembled, rather than a traditional construction project where building activity can only begin after the site work is complete. The completed modules can be quickly hoisted into place and structurally secured, allowing the final hook-ups and finishing to be done.

Our designs also integrate green building and sustainable engineering technologies where possible.