MASH Werks

mash werksPart of the long-term vision of ShelterKraft Werks is to build an on-site response team to provide a housing triage center at any disaster relief location in the world. We call this MASH Werks: a Mobile Army of Sustainable Housing. Containers have the potential to meet not only immediate housing needs, but can actually be used to rebuild and reestablish communities that have been struck by natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, or tornados.

ShelterKraft Werks has figured out how to quickly set up a mobile, on-site container housing fabrication facility virtually anywhere in the world to aid in the reconstruction of an affected area where the housing stock has been decimated.

The Red Cross and various other disaster relief agencies are expert at meeting the initial crisis: food, medical supplies and tents are usually air lifted to affected areas. Once the initial needs have been met and the area begins to stabilize, port facilities and other infrastructure are repaired for the next wave of relief, coming in the form of shipped goods and materials.

ShelterKraft Werks will arrive on the docks with our MASH Boxes full of equipment and tools. A local work force will be gathered and trained to turn arriving cargo containers into temporary dormitories, medical facilities and food centers. From there, permanent housing and support structures will be built. The efforts of this new “cottage industry” can remain viable long after the area has been helped to regain normalcy.

MASH Werks can dovetail beautifully with the activities of many of the current relief agencies to help make the most effective use of funding and maximize their effort on the ground where it is needed most.