Modular & Scalable Facilities

The ShelterKraft ShopWerks™ is an innovative factory, production, or warehouse facility space that starts small and grows quickly as your capacity and operating needs increase. Using shipping containers as the core structural elements of the building, the ShopWerks scales from 700 square feet to as large as your site will allow, in multiple stages.

You provide just a concrete slab and utility stub ups, and the Stage 1 facility goes into place in a matter of hours. Build out only the amount of room your business needs, without having to pay for unused space just to anticipate future expansion. Then as your capacity needs increase, transitioning from one stage to the next requires just 1-2 days of operating downtime — far less of an interruption to your business than packing up and moving your operations from one leased facility to another.

The ShopWerks facility grows not just out but up, adding secure storage and office capacity at the same time production and warehouse space increases – all for approximately 50% less than the cost of build out for traditionally constructed factory space.

Our designs also integrate green building and sustainable engineering technologies where possible.