How It Works

How the Process Works

How can you get your very own CargoHouse? Here’s how:

1. Design and Preparation

Design – Work with a ShelterKraft architect to design a house that you like – we’ll work with you to select from various options for building finishes, utilities, and more.  Custom design services and are charged at an hourly fee.

Purchase – Payment of 30-50% of the total house price is due on placing your order for fabrication and building of  your house. ShelterKraft does not provide financing, but we can refer to you lenders who finance this type of housing.

Site Preparation – You provide the land/site for the house, and prepare the foundation and utility hookups.  We can help you assess your site and will provide consultation on foundation, installation and permitting, the submission of permit drawings, and transportation/installation, for an hourly consultation fee.

2. Building

ShelterKraft builds your house in our fabrication facility in Seattle.  We cut windows and doors; finish the exterior, add insulation, electrical wiring and plumbing; apply wall, ceiling and floor finishes; and install cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures to completely finish the containers, creating a comfortable, appealing living space.

3. Delivery

Transportation – The container(s) are prepped, sealed and loaded on a truck (or train or ship) and delivered to your site as individual container modules.  You pay delivery costs; depending on distance, these can be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. We’ll help you determine and arrange an optimal delivery method.

Installation – The container modules are set down on your prepared foundation by truck and/or crane, installed per specifications (as a permanent, semi-permanent, or movable dwelling), and utilities are hooked up.  We’ll coordinate with local contractors to ensure a smooth install. For single-container dwellings, the entire installation process takes just about 1 day, ready for you to move right in! For multiple container designs, some construction finishing activity will be done on site.


For more details, refer to our FAQ